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Ideas to manage anxiety

Posted by 49th Creative on
Ideas to manage anxiety

Every year new technology promises to make our lives less stressful and more efficient but somehow our lives keep getting progressively more busy and less relaxing.

Constant communication and planning, endless “checking” predominantly unimportant stuff on our phones and relentless comparisons to people who always seem to be having much more fun than us on social media, can make us wistful for those days when communicating to someone meant writing a letter and not having to hear back from them for 2 weeks…

So, what are some natural ways of trying to get a little more zen into our lives? 

Plenty has been written about the links between CBD and stress and anxiety reduction, which legally UK CBD companies aren’t allowed to talk about (we’d suggest a quick Google), so we thought we’d focus on a couple other natural ways of hopefully helping reduce anxiety.  

  1. Meditate – take 10 minutes a day to disconnect with all that noise around you. Research shows that consistent meditation practice can help reprogram neural pathways in the brains to help us improve our ability to regulate our emotions- We think the Headspace and Calm apps are pretty great places to start.
  2. Exercise – nothing original here – people have been telling us this for years but exercise is crucial for a healthy mind. Don’t worry - it doesn’t mean you have to get training for the next Iron Man, just some moderate intensity exercise a few times a week. Start with something small and you think you can stick to  – a couple of 20 mins sessions a week to start forming a habit which fits into your lifestyle and work up form there
  3. Be grateful – spend 5 minutes in the evening writing down 3 things you are grateful for happening that day and 3 things you are proud of yourself for doing, in both cases however small.
  4. Sleep – make sure you are getting enough rest. We’ve got some great tips on how to improve your sleep at:
  5. Creativity – draw, paint, garden, play some music – it doesn’t matter if you think you are bad at it – it’s good for you and fun.

Despite the above, please please remember that whilst simple lifestyle changes may be enough to manage anxiety in many cases if your anxiety persists please tell the people who are closest to you and go and see a doctor or health care professional.

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