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How can CBD help you?

Posted by Alexa T on
How can CBD help you?

Whether it’s helping you get some more of the ol’ forty winks,  taking your heart rate down a peg or two, or soothing that annoying skin flair up, there a tonne of things which CBD might be able to help you with – here we look at some of them…

Chilling out

According to Anxiety UK, More than 1 in 10 people are likely to have a disabling anxiety disorder' at some stage in their life.

While in extreme cases medication is often a very necessary part of maintaining mental health, in more moderate cases of stress CBD can offer a of plant based solution to chilling out. In fact one interesting study measuring anxiety in people doing public speaking smaller doses of CBD are great for helping to counteract stress (

Try a pipette of CBDistilery’s 500mg Tincture in the morning, with a couple of puffs on a delicious CBDFx vape pen every few to help you get to all day zen.

Get your baseline in - CBDistllery's 500mg Full Spectrum Tincture
Delicious - CBDFx's Pineapple Express Vape Pen



Nearly 27% of Britons experiences poor quality sleep on a regular basis according to the UK’s Sleep Council.  While everyone agrees more studies are needed, researchers say cannabinoids may help us get for more zzzzzzzzs in ( As specialist in sleeplessness myself, anecdotally, I can definitely echo this sentiment.

My favourite is to take a pipette of our own 60 Acres Full Spectrum CBD Tincture (quick onset) together with  a couple of Kush Queens RX gummies (long onset) for the ultimate heavy sleep!

Great Value - 60 Acres' 900mg Full Spectrum Tincture

No Ordinary Gummy - Kush Queen's 750mg gummies

Skin soothing

Whilst we all like the kiss of sun and sea water, summer can medley with our skin if we are not careful. That’s why the addition of CBD to you skincare routine can be a real help to sooth and calm the skin.

For every day moisture check out American Shaman’s hydrating body lotion.

For more specific skin situations like Eczema Psoriasis and skin irritation Dr Kerklaans products are a great place to start.

Hydration station - American Shaman's 120mg Body Lotion.


Calming - Dr Kerklaan's 120mg Natural Skin Cream

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